Essential Glow Botanical Skincare

Essential Glow Botanical Skincare CC is a new and upcoming Namibian skincare/cosmetics business catering to both sexes at affordable prices.

We aim to give our clients good, organic products to achieve clear, smooth and glowing skin. We are passionate about providing products to individuals from all backgrounds and ages. Our philosophy is “the best cosmetic is great looking skin”.

The business is currently only focused on producing face/body scrubs and bath salts but plan on expanding to include body moisturizers, body oils, spritzers, beard oils and balms, natural soaps, and shampoo bars in the future.

Our products are all handmade by owner and founder Charmaine Karupu. These handmade products have their own unique characteristics that cannot be considered defects.

Vision: In the next 5 years we would like to see Essential Glow stocking shelves in local pharmacies, exhibitions and also cater to events in the form of sponsorships, etc. We would also like to see our products reach other regions in Namibia and, eventually, internationally.

Aim: To explore all segments of the market, this being, geographic, demographic, psychographic and even the behavioural aspects with proper guidance and assistance where needed or required.


  • Face/Body Scrubs (on order)
  • Bath Salts/Soaks (on order)

Business Activity

End-Products Manufacturer

Product Line(s)

Body Scrubs and Bath Salt

Contact Details

Contact Person: Charmaine Karupu

Phone: +264 (0)81 831 2047


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