NANCi is the Network of the Cosmetics, that is both health and beauty, industry in Namibia.  The network combines the interests of raw material suppliers, ingredient producers, end-product manufacturers as well as support and governance service providers.  NANCi was launched in November 2017. 

NANCi stems from the desire of the Namibian cosmetics industry to organise and promote itself.  NANCi is, among other things, in charge of implementing generic marketing campaigns and advocate for the needs of the industry.  It also serves as a communication platform for members and stakeholders of the industry, who get privileged access to information and opportunities that will help them grow and expand their business. 

NANCi is supported by the Namibian Government’s Growth@Home Policy, which is implemented through the Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade (MIT).  NANCi receives financial and technical support from the GIZ ProBATS since 2015.  Additionally, NANCi receives technical support from the SES and the GIZ Biolnnovation Programme on selected thematic areas.

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