About the Namibian Resource base

Namibia offers a variety of unique raw materials of which many were already proven to be valuable, effective health and beauty product ingredients. Namibia has ratified the Nagoya Protocol, and promulgated the Conservation of Biodiversity Act (Act 2 of 2017). This means that third parties interested to research, collect, process and/or export indigenous natural plant materials must comply with the provisions of ABS regulations. More information on ABS regulations can be obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The Namibian resource base for the health and beauty industry encompasses natural resources, including endemic and/or indigenous plants, cultivations, and minerals. Some of the most sought after ingredients are Marula and !Nara Lipid Oils, Namibian Myrrh Essential Oil, Devil’s Claw dried root, sea salt and charcoal powder. Selected ingredients are already certified “organic”. A number of the health and beauty products “Made in Namibia” and ingredients are actively sold in the international markets, notably the EU. To find out more about our ingredients.

Namibia’s production of natural ingredients and end-use products includes the following products, each at different
stage of development. It is worth mentioning that the list is not limited to the following, bio-prospection and product
development will contribute to a diversification of the Namibian products.


– Mopane essential oil
– Baobab seeds oil and powder
– Kalahari melon seeds oil
– Sea salt
– Moringa oleifera powder
– Ochre
– Talc

– !Nara seeds oil
– Devil’s claw
– Marula oil
– Manketti (wild oak) oil
– Ximenia (wild plum) oil
– Commiphora or Namibian myrrh essential oil