(This form is for members active in the health and beauty sector; for aspiring affiliated/ associated members please ask for your specific application form)

The health and beauty sector in Namibia is growing. Thanks to several interventions, excellent cooperation between stakeholders/ industry members and development funding received from GIZ ProBATS since 2015. Since then, NANCI was able to also secure support from additional donors, such as the USAID Trade Hub.

NANCi was launched in 2017. In 2018 NANCi produced the first brochure about its members and their products. In 2019, the sector representatives decided that the network – NANCi – be registered as a voluntary society; and that NANCi becomes subscription-based. The NANCi Constitution guides the membership and each members must agree to it before being accorded membership.

Once you have completed and submitted the information, we will update your information in the NANCi business directory, on the website and create linkages between NANCi social media platforms and those of your company. If you don’t wish for such linkage, please clearly indicate such on the membership form. A business directory is printed annually with updated information on all NANCi members; the digital version of the business directory is updated as new members join.

As NANCi member you will also receive a log-in possibility to the NANCi intranet to receive specific information on eg ABS, UEBT, Conferences, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Sales’ Events, Export Opportunities, Sponsorships, etc. and other helpful materials. This platform is only open to registered, paid-up NANCi members. The services profile offered by NANCi is available upon request from the NANCi Office.
Registered as a coop, community forest, trust, CC, Pty Ltd, Ltd


Main interest in the health and beauty industry

(Please only mark the ones, for which you have a valid certification! (multiple selection possible)

Please write a coherent text – not only keywords – about your company.
Who you are? Facts & figures
What is your company philosophy? Vision & Mission
What are your product(s)’ uniqueness?
Where would you like to see your company and products in the medium term (5 years from now)?
Which market segments would you like to explore?
Are you seeking new off-taker/ buyers? And where mainly (locally, regionally or internationally)?
Other matters you wish to share.
Please note that the text length is limited to 1,000 characters, including spaces.
Please ensure you provide good detail to make your representation on NANCi platforms relevant

Please include the images in the following print quality for us:
- Photos with a resolution of 300 dpi or more on 45 mm width
- Logos as vector files (eps, ai), logos as image with a resolution of 300 dpi on 45 mm width

Enter Full Name

I agree to the NANCi Constitution, Terms & Conditions AND that my business’ information may be shared on NANCi public platforms (eg social media, brochures, etc) and with NANCI sponsors and partners. Partners may include importers of Namibian chemicals, cosmetic products and organisations as part of networking arrangements in preparation for the participation at eg, national/international events. I agree that NANCi may utilise photo material for awareness campaigns and promotional purposes. I understand that no confidential information will be shared with any third parties.

NANCi membership Terms and Conditions
1. NANCi Membership is subject to the NANCi Constitution.
2. All membership applicants shall have read, understood, and accepted the NANCi constitution.
3. Final approval of membership is subject to the Council decision.
4. The Council’s decision to approve membership is final and shall not be disputed outside the provisions of the NANCi Constitution.
5. Membership is automatically renewed annually, unless a member resigns by giving three (3) month’s written notice to the Council. Members are liable to pay their subscription fees, including outstanding monies owed by him or her to the Society, until the membership is terminated.
6. A member whose membership shall have been terminated shall thenceforth be excluded fromthe Society and his/her name shall be removed from the register, but such termination shall be without prejudice to the right of the Society to recover any debt or enforce any obligations for or in respect of which the member may have become liable.
7. Membership fees cover annual subscriptions. Additional services offered by NANCi are priced and invoiced separately. Different subscription payment options are available. Members cannot change their payment option during a running membership year.
8. A membership year is for 12 months from the date at which a person or business is approved by the Council to be a NANCi member.
9. All members shall have the right to attend meetings of the Society, subject to the terms and conditions of the meeting and the NANCi Constitution.
10. Only fully paid up members are eligible to vote at a general or special meeting and may receive NANCi services.
11. General Meetings (AGM) will be held annually; and notification for such meeting will be done according to the NANCi Constitution.
12. During an AGM, Council will be elected and/or confirmed for the next membership year. The auditors will be appointed and confirmed at such AGM.
13. Non-payment of membership fees for more than two (2) consecutive payments due, may result in disqualification from NANCi services and membership.

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