Dr. Victor Botanical Extracts

DR. VICTOR Botanical Extracts is a new Namibian company that produces an Anti-aging evening oil, using only organic certified products. It was founded by Dr Victor, a medical practitioner with an interest in dermatology.

Our company philosophy is to provide a brand with researched support for its ingredients. The product is created under *aseptic conditions and meet *GMP standards. Ingredients are sourced from organic certified companies in the SADC region.

We aim to increase knowledge of African organic skincare resources through customer follow up and long-term engagement.

*GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

*Aseptic – free from pathogenic microorganisms

Business Activity

End Product Manufacturer

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Contact Details

Contact Person: Cristy Victor

Phone: +264 (0)81 845 1820

Email: botanicalextracts@mail.com

Website: Drvictorbotanicalextracts.com

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