Transformation and Technology

Visits to companies revealed that primary processing is done in a semi-mechanised, yet artisanal manner. In all
cases, there is reliance on skilled and semi-skilled labour.Stakeholders mentioned that it is difficult to find appropriate skilled labour. The processing technologies currently in use lack innovation,but according to the stakeholders they are sufficient to produce products of specifications as required by their respective markets. However, some stakeholders commented that with improved technology they would be enabled to improve production efficiency, as well as ensuring a constant quality of the products they deliver to the markets, provided the quality of the raw materials is constant as well.

The processing and production centres are concentrated in certain towns which include: Opuwo, Ondangwa,
Otjiwarongo, Rundu, Swakopmund, and Windhoek. This concentration allows targeting only certain specific areas
for interventions related to manufacturing of end-use products, which makes it easier to support the industry.
Furthermore, a small minority of Namibian manufacturers is already producing according to export market(s)
requirements and can drive the future development of the Namibian cosmetic industry, i.e. via sharing their experience with other businesses in the sector.

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