Namib Desert Jojoba

Namib Desert Jojoba Oil Producers (NDJ) was founded in 2017.  The company produces a number of oils, ranging from Jojoba to Marula, Kalahari Melon and Nara oil.  The current production stands at approximately 1o tonnes of oil per annum.

Whilst NDJ maintains own Jojoba plantations, it sources raw materials across Namibia under strict accordance to the Nagoya Protocol and according to fair trade principles.

Members of the NDJ together with other philanthropic individuals formed “Jojoba for Namibia Trust”, aiming to alleviate the persisting wealth inequality in Namibia, especially in rural areas.

NDJ is not only supporting communal farmers to start their own Jojoba plantations, but many other Namibian women from rural areas.  Since hundreds of years, African women from different areas in Africa used what nature gave them for a living.  Natural oils played a very big role in the daily lives of the different tribes.  Each tribe used the special oil that nature produced in the specific habitat they live in.  The tradition of how this oil is gained and for what it was used is a very valuable source for well-being.  It is a privilege of NDJ to bring this ‘ancient liquid gold’ from Africa to international markets in accordance with strict ABS regulations.

Business Activity

Cultivation of Jojoba; Raw Material Harvest and Collection; Oil Pressing and Refining; Cosmetics End Products Manufacturer; Wholesale and Retail Trade

Product Line(s)

Cold Pressed Oils

Contact Details

Contact Person: Oliver Rust

Phone: +264 (0)81-127-8300



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