Namib Desert Jojoba Oil Producers

Namib Desert Jojoba (NDJ) is a 100% Namibian company.  We produce a range of high-quality cosmetic oils that are exported to Europe, China, and the north American market.


  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Marula seed oil
  • !Nara seed oil
  • Kalahari Melon seed oil

Our oils are available for retail and in bulk.

!Nara: The !Nara plant is endemic to Namibia and grows in the dry desert region along the Atlantic coastline.  !Nara oil is used for wound healing and general skin protection.  The cold pressed !Nara seed oil has a high Omega-6 content, which helps to heal and regenerate dry, sensitive skin.

Kalahari Melon: This “wild watermelon” flourishes in the harsh, dry desert environment of Namibia.  It is the perfect treatment for dry skin and brittle hair.  It helps reduce skin blemishes with its antioxidant properties, serves as a moisturizer, and rejuvenates the skin.

Marula: The drought resistant Marula tree grows wild in Namibia.  The oil is extracted out of the center shell of the fruit and is rich in vitamin C and E.  It is a natural antioxidant, improves moisture retention, and is recommended for use as a full body massage oil.

Mongongo:  The African women have carried their knowledge of the healing properties of Mongongo for thousands of years and pass the secrets down to their daughters, today still.  The exceptionally high vitamin E content of the oil is extremely nourishing and provides a deep cleanse, full skin protection and gives skin a radiant appearance.

In 2017 we founded the “Jojoba for Namibia Trust” with the aim to fight wealth inequality.  Together with project partners we managed to establish several Jojoba plantations and educational harvesting centers in communal areas.

Business Activity

Raw Materials Harvest & Collection; Oil Pressing & Refining; End-Products Manufacturer; Wholesaler/Retailer; Plantation Owner

Product Line(s)

Cold Pressed Oils

Contact Details

Contact Person: Oliver Rust

Phone: +264 (0)81 127 8300



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    Good Day
    i represent a cosmetic manufacturing facility in South Africa.
    may i please receive a price list of all your oils – ranging from 5litre to 25 litre if possible.
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