CRIAA SA-DC markets a range of natural Namibian oils, under the Uwanawa Skincare Oil brand, for retail and manufacturers of cosmetic products.

The Uwanawa products are the result of a long-lasting partnership between CRIAA SA-DC, its R&D and processing centre, the Katutura Artisans’ Project (KAP), the Eudafano Womens Cooperative (EWC) and the Tulongeni Twahangana Cooperative (TTC) in northern Namibia.

The Uwanawa product range is produced and bottled in Namibia with locally processed virgin cold-pressed oils that are sustainably produced, ethically traded, quality controlled and traceable, which valorise the Namibian biodiversity and value people who carefully harvest and process these natural products.

Uwanawa Skincare Oils are available in small bottles for personal use, as well as in larger volume for bulk orders and export.


Ximenia (oombeke) oil range: Has proven anti-aging properties. Ximenia oil is offered in 3 quality ranges – traditionally processed, cold-pressed (virgin), and purified (light) oil. The purified ximenia oil is the superior oil and is best used for anti-aging applications. The traditionally processed oil is often used as a hair oil, and the virgin oil can be used to treat stretch marks and other skin conditions. Available in 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L and 5L bottles (traditional, virgin and light). Additionally, the virgin and light oils are available in 25L jerrycans and 210L steel drums.

Virgin Marula oil: A very stable oil with excellent skin hydration qualities. Available in 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L and 5L bottles and 25L jerrycans.

Virgin Marula massage oil range (scented):  Using a mixture of essential oils, including Namibian Commiphora and Mopane, the range consists of 6 different scents – exotic, sensual, invigorating, relaxing, healing, and an insect repellant. Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

Virgin cold-pressed Kalahari Melon seed (KMS) oil: A smooth oil that can be used for skin hydration, massage, or hair treatments. Available in 50ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L and 5L bottles and 25L jerrycans.

Virgin cold-pressed Manketti seed oil: Limited quantities available on request from trial processing.

The Tulongeni Twahangana Cooperative (TTC) members produce the quality raw materials (Ximenia kernels) for Ximenia oil production, while the Eudafano Women’s Cooperative (EWC) members supply the quality Marula kernels and Melon seeds that are used to produce Marula and KMS oils at their factory in Ondangwa. The cooperatives are democratically organised and eliminate the function of traders and middlemen, as a result members are paid a fair price for their products. The Katutura Artisans’ Project currently produces the cold pressed Ximenia oil, until such time that TTC has the infrastructure and management capacity to produce it themselves. The Marula and KMS oils are produced by the Eudafano Factory (EWMM) which is 100% owned by its cooperative. CRIAA SA-DC has been instrumental in developing the supply chains, the training of rural producers, the quality assurance, the production and the marketing of these oils that are also exported.

Business Activity

Oil Pressing and Refining; Raw Materials and Ingredients Supplier; End Products Manufacturer; Wholesale and Retail Trade; R&D in Indigenous Plants and Natural Products.

Product Line(s)

Virgin and / or Cold Pressed; Traditional and Refined Oils; UWANAWA Skincare Oils

Contact Details

Contact Person: Busi Sibanda (Namibian Sales); Michel Mallet (export)

Phone: +264 (0)61 220 117 or +264 (0)81 122 3892

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