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The company was established in 2001 and formally registered in 2008, focusing on manufacturing of cosmetics and health products.  The company diversified to include facial masks, soaps and lotions from locally available raw materials such as ochre, clay, charcoal, Baobab, and various oils.

Tuli-Line developed a dedicated value chain for the harvesting, transportation and processing of Baobab pulp powder (super food) and Baobab oil.  The company has capacity to supply various traders and retailers locally and beyond and have dedicated distribution networks in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

We position ourselves as a one stop center for retailers, traders and smaller manufacturers of organic and natural cosmetics and health products in Namibia and beyond.

We produce products such as:

  • Pigmented facial powder (ochre based products, used by the nomadic people for generations as a sun block, antioxidant and beauty enhancer)
  • Natural hair- and body lotions, creams, and butter using unique African ingredients
  • Natural body soap and shampoo
  • Health and food products such as organic Baobab pulp powder, Baobab candies, nuts and other snacks

Apart from our own brand, we do contract manufacturing for smaller companies who wish to produce under a careful watch of our experienced team. 

In essence, we are social entrepreneurs, sourcing from natural and organic small-scale farmers and producers in Namibia and beyond.  When you source from us, you’re empowering rural communities who are the primary beneficiaries along the value chain.

Tuli-Line was established by Tulimeyo Kaapanda, an enthusiast consumer of natural products all her life based on established family values.

Vision: To be Namibia’s leading supply of organic and natural health and cosmetic products, using the traditional knowledge system.

Business Activity

End Products Manufacturer

Product Line(s)

Hair and Skin Care; Health Supplements

Contact Details

Contact Person: Tulimeyo Kaapanda

Phone: +264 (0)81 127 5588

Email: tulilinenamibia@gmail.com

Website: www.tuliline.iway.na

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