Scents of Namibia

The Kunene Conservancies Indigenous Natural Products Trust (KCINP Trust) was founded in 2012 and markets its products under Scents of Namibia.

Scents of Namibia brings to the world unique fragrances from the arid north-western region of Namibia.  It is s wholly community owned enterprise specializing in sourcing plant products and producing essential oils.  Because of the extreme environmental conditions, plants in this area contain distinctive fragrances that are then captured in the essential oils which can be used as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations or aromatherapy.

Resource sustainability is crucial and great care is taken to ensure that any harvesting of parts of the plant do not negatively impact on the plants’ survival.

Social responsibility starts by guaranteeing that any traditional knowledge associated with any plants is acknowledged, respected and protected.  This is facilitated through entering into Access and Benefit Sharing Agreements with potential partners.  These agreements are important in that they set out the roles and responsibilities of the different entities involved in the value chain.  The KCINP Trust was also established to specifically act on behalf of the conservancies and community forests as well as the harvesters.

Scents of Namibia ensures that harvesters, who are the managers of the resources, are directly and fairly compensated  for the material they supply.  In addition the KCINP Trust has also put in place a Benefit Distribution Plan that sets out how profits from the business are shared with the contributing entities.

Business Activity

Raw Material Harvest and Collections; Essential Oil Distillation; Community Forest or Conservancy

Product Line(s)

Essential Oils; Wax

Contact Details

Contact Person: Karen Nott

Phone: +264 (0)81-124-6826



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