Neema Cosmetics

Beautiful hair and skin care products aren’t made with chemicals in a laboratory.  Nature provides us with ingredients that we carefully craft to make personal care products that are effective, inspirational and enjoyable.

Our products are carefully formulated using nutritive ingredients that are designed to be more effective than those that are mass produced.

Start your day feeling purified and refreshed, comforted in the knowledge that you are using products that are good for you

Business Activity

Cosmetics End Products Manufacturer; Wholesale and Retail Trade

Product Line(s)

Hair Care Products; Skin Care Products

Contact Details

Contact Person: Esther Hoveka

Phone: +264 (0)81-128-1584



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One thought on “Neema Cosmetics

  1. Sasha Mbatera says:

    Good day Sir/Madam
    Am a fan of your products already, I heard great things. I love, love them. I was wondering if maybe you could kindly send me the price list for the Ombeke line please.

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