Kuti Oil

Kuti Oil as a cold press oil manufacturer based in Windhoek, Namibia.  We are a proud mother and daughter business.  Kuti Oil exports Marula- and Kalahari Melon seed oil, used as ingredients in cosmetic products.  We take pride in bringing the traditional practice of pressing Marula oil into the international market.

Our focus is to encourage the propagation of Marula trees to maintain a sustainable rural economy around indigenous trees.  We also plan to expand into other types of local oils.  This plan will be achieved with our strong connection to the communities and through benefit sharing.

In future we aim to produce certified organic oil for the international market.  Locally and regionally we market our products with a strong focus on branding to the African cosmetics market, particularly for hair- and skin care.

Currently we are seeking buyers for conventional Marula oil and Kalahari Melon seed oil.  After we have done our organic certification inspection successfully, we aim to expand our market scope.

Business Activity

Oil Pressing & Refining

Product Line(s)

Cold Pressed Oil

Contact Details

Contact Person: Mpingana Dax

Phone: +264 (0)85 639 9019

Email: mpingana@kutioil.com

Website: www.kutioil.com

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