My interest began after my first child was born in 2012.  He was born 26 weeks premature and he spent a lot of time in hospital.

I started using most of my time to research hair care, especially ingredients that would benefit my hair type.  I used my savings to procure raw materials.  I used my products on myself and close friends until 2014, when I developed the courage to start selling.

In total I have eight products that I formulate on my own.  I developed a fondness for shampoo bars as I love the idea of a “naked” product that does not need any plastic packaging.  The bars are easy to travel with and quite convenient and they last much longer than the bottled shampoos and conditioners.  The bestseller is the Butter Cream, which is a thick moisturizer that aids coarse, dry hair from drying out.

The next step in the company is to move over to environmentally friendly packaging.  I wish to open up my own little boutique that stock all my hair care and possibly skin care products.  A place where I can not only sell my goods, but offer consultations to clients and help coach them to healthier hair.  My dream is to start making FroLove easily accessible for my fellow Namibian outside of Windhoek and sell to other countries.

Business Activity

Cosmetic End Product Manufacturer

Product Line(s)

Hair Care Products; inclu. Butter Cream; Shampoo; Conditioner; Moisturisers; Treatments

Contact Details

Contact Person: Paulina Shiweda

Phone: +264 (0)81-256-6126



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