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SEED Namibia

SEED is a Namibian registered company that was established in 2019. The company specialises in wholesale production and trade of Marula-, Manketti-, and Kalahari Melon seed oil. Products are suitable for human and animal consumption and for use in cosmetic products. They also provide co-products from the oil processing, such as biochar, Marula pulp & [….]

Tuli-Line Trading Services

The company was established in 2001 and formally registered in 2008, focusing on manufacturing of cosmetics and health products.  The company diversified to include facial masks, soaps and lotions from locally available raw materials such as ochre, clay, charcoal, Baobab, and various oils. Tuli-Line developed a dedicated value chain for the harvesting, transportation and processing [….]

Mediplants Namibia

Mediplants Namibia is owned by horticulture/farming specialist, Molly Kaderli, and marketing expert, Susanne Hoff. Molly experimented with cultivating medicinal plants from sub-Saharan Africa for several years and started establishing markets for the various plant products worldwide.  Upon partnering with Susanne Hoff, she focused her full attention on the plantation and refining cultivation methods for a [….]

!Nara Namibia Natural Cosmetics

The company Desert Hills was established in 2008 by Staefanie& Volker Huemmer to press the unique Namibian !Nara oil.  The !Nara plant grows in the Namib Desert and is traditionally wild-harvested by the Topnaar (#Aonin) community.  The unique plant oil, with its high linoleic fatty acids (Omega-6) has very good skin conditioning properties. Since 2010, [….]

Chrisla Essentials

Chrisla Essentials Cosmetics cc is a 100% Namibian owned and operated, organic cosmetics care line started by a family with a passion for mixology. The company is dedicated to bringing the highest quality products to customers through a unique distribution channel that brings extraordinary income to families. The idea is to create a life-changing opportunity [….]

Chizango Trading

Moringa Oleifera has grown in popularity over recent years.  The drought resistant tree is increasingly grown in Namibia for its leaves and seeds, which are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. After completing her Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Pune, Leena Sindano founded Chizango Trading.  The company manufactures a range of cosmetic and [….]