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Makai Apothecary

Makai means ‘great mother’ in the native Damara language of Namibia.  Universally it means “mother earth”.  Makai Apothecary was founded on the principles and ideals of providing wellness therapy through products and treatments built upon the herbal knowledge and healing practices from our ancient land. Our products are formulated by integrating thorough scientific plant research, [….]

Ilotu Cosmetics

Ilotu currently manufactures and sells organic, natural hair- and body care products from the home of its founder. Ilotu produces a wide range of skin- and hair care products, catering to persons with various health ailments ranging from fungal infections, insect bites, alopecia to aromatherapy for cancer patients, and a cosmetics line for persons living [….]

ECOSO dynamics

The Name Ecoso signifies the balance and the dynamic relationship between: ECological, EConomic and Social factors. Ecoso Dynamics, is well established to source and process natural raw material, called Harpagophytum Procumbens and H. Zeyheri, better known as the Devils Claw plant. We ensure that all our products (raw material, tea, and tablets) reach the consumer [….]

Desert Secrets

Desert Secrets develops and manufactures natural body care products with heart and soul in Namibia, using indigenous Namibian botanicals, as basis, discovered over time and carefully selected. They are the desert’s secrets and have been used by Namibians since ancient times for their natural benefits. Sourced from plants grown sustainably and wild-harvested, our ingredients are [….]